Application Manual

So here we are with our first release. It’s been awhile since we started out on this venture. Let’s get this very straight, we are not those serious guys who are going to write application manuals as if it was to be read in a funeral.This manual has been written to be used as a reference in case you are confused with any feature of the application. Do feel free to contact us regarding the application and report bugs if you find them in our application, we will do our best to rectify it as quickly as possible.
So here we go…

This app allows you to keep track of the money you owe to people and money people owe to you. Let’s be honest, there are instances when you just cant recall what amount you gave your friend in some random scenario when he forgot to bring his wallet. These incidents are common and then remembering all the times your friend borrowed some cash from you or you borrowed from him becomes quite a task. Nowadays, there’s hardly anywhere you’d go without your cell phone. So we came up with an idea to create an application to specifically cater to the need of taking a note of the cash transactions you had with your friends.

You open the app, and you find yourself staring at a blank white screen. We could have used any number of colors and pictures to make that home screen more lively, but then, we have left all the customization to you. you hold the power to do anything you want within the application.

Let’s get down to the basic functionality. You take some money from someone, you keep a track of how much you owe him. You return the money in installments, you keep a track of how much more you have to return. So simple. You may have found many more money managing applications in the Google Play Store, but then they are far too complicated to maintain such a basic day to day transaction account. Our app removes all those complications, and gives you a clean, stable and yet powerful user interface to keep track of where your money goes.

This app is best viewed under Android 4.0 or higher. Depending on the version of android you are using, you may have a little difference in the way you see the home-screen. But nothing to worry about for users using Android 2.3.x, every android set will have the same functionality with the application.

Home Screen

In case you are using android device which is operating on Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich) or Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), you find yourself facing white screen with some buttons attached to the title bar. The ‘add name and amount’ feature is accessible through the ‘add or +’ key in the title bar.
In case you are using android device which is operating on Android 2.3.x ( Gingerbread ), you will find all the buttons which are present in title bar in ICS by pressing the “options” hardware key on your android smartphone. Use the hardware key as the reference to all the keys which are mentioned to be present in the title bar.

The symbol ‘add’ key will allow you to add name of the person and starting amount. This creates that person’s account in our database. You can start any person’s account through the ‘add’ key. A strip with the person’s name, date and balance will be created. Now, a simple touch to the strip would open up a dialog box in which you can add or subtract amount to the existing balance of the person. All you need to do is to enter the amount, and press the ‘add’ or ‘sub’ key, We will perform all the calculations, no matter how big they are, and BINGO! You will see the current balance of person in the amount field.

The title bar will also give you the option to sort the accounts on the basis of name, amount, creation date and modification date. Key has also been given in the title bar to delete all accounts at once. This can be done if by any way, you have cleared everyone’s accounts.

Now comes the feature of long press on a person’s account strip.

You will have options of updating the name of the person, in case you have given the wrong person’s name in a haste, or have had a typo in the name field. Key to clear amount has also been provided if you have cleared that person’s account.

In beginning of this user manual, we did say about the power of customization vested in you. So here comes that awaited feature, the key that allows you to add colors to the individual strips. Default color will remain white for strips, but now you have the power to create a rainbow with account colors. Everyone’s an artist, go ahead and add colors to spice it up. And if you are one of those hardcore serious guys, use colors to set priority. Red always seems to be a high priority. Or set your own conventions. 😉

‘Delete’ key is also provided in case you have to delete that particular account.

Now comes one of the most cherished feature added by the developers, the swipe feature.
Swipe an account and see that it leads to…..

Note Feature

This opens up a new page that is particular to every account. You can store notes on the transactions that took place and the reasons behind it. Or just for the fun of it, write anything about your friends to piss them off. On this page you will see your friend’s name, the exact balance in his account, the date and time of the transaction and finally the note about him. By default, it is a blank field which is editable. Write notes, and then save them using the ‘save’ key on the title bar. Your note is saved and you are directed to main accounts page.

Application Epilogue

You might be worried about whether your data is secure. Let us assure you that we use state of the art secure databases to store you precious account data. No usage information would be stored in any online server. No online services are given access to the database. So you data is safe and sound in your own system.
More development is under progress and great new features are expected to be added in the next version of the app.
So what are you waiting for, go ahead, download it from the Google Play Store and have fun.