How it all started…

This all started with a very amusing idea of my dear friend Ajax. One day when Ajax, Nischal and myself were ready to go for that nasty dinner at our mess featuring the smiles of the mess staff who call themselves “cook”, Rahul(Ajax) thought that it would be great fun to build an AndroiD App, he said that they will be among the very few who are involved in some serious AndroiD Development sort of stuff. But i know what he thought was that winter vacation was approaching and we didn’t have anything to do, so it could prove to be a great pass time.

But we were missing the very basic push to start our journey, the “idea”, I mean what will be the basic functionality of the App. Suddenly one evening both of them came back from college to the hostel and told me that they have idea on which our App will be focused. As i remember, it took about 2-3 days just to finalize that “idea”. Then we started to discuss the basic layout of the App on paper(it seemed very easy on paper). The scene was something like this, one proposed some basic layout which in turn was followed by the disagreement of other two(it was a very hilarious situation :D). Finally at the end of the day we agreed to a basic layout which will be used in our app, till then everything went on smoothly.

Then our winter break started, by the start of the break we read some basic and advanced tutorials on Android application development and during that period we even developed a very basic app. It was code-named “rainbow”. It had colored stripes of the name of our best buddies, but it was just for the sake of learning and fun. Winter break started, many of our friends have left the hostel and headed for their homes and we were still in that hostel trying to figure out our next step towards the completion of a less trodden journey. We started to work harder, first we read and read and read to make the basic concepts and the language of programming crystal clear in our minds. Then we started to developing the codes for the different phases of the app. In the meantime, we managed to make the layout for the home screen of our app, we simulated it on the emulator and it worked fine. The long haul was yet to come. The requirement of the app was to save the data somewhere in the database, this seriously bamboozled us as even though we were able to make the database, we weren’t able to connect the database to the front end of the app to store information. The front-end back-end data inconsistency seriously halted the development of the app for quite some time. To add to our misery, the hostel mess announced that it would remain closed for the rest of the days, so we had to go out to eat every time we where hungry. Days passed and we searched for the solution reading every page of the results from google. Then one day out of nowhere when we were totally frustrated we decided to start over. We started thinking from a fresh perspective and eventually we hit some pages which were concerned with our issues, we read them carefully and it solved our problem. Days passed by and we improved our beloved app adding extra features. Here’s a bit funny part and sort of my confession, sometimes when it was decided to add a new feature to the app i sometimes hesitated to implement that, this was because i was afraid(yeah yeah you read that correctly) if we will be able to add that features or not, what if after wasting a lot of time we wont be able to implement that certain feature. On the contrary what i learned was that there’s nothing impossible to do, there’s always a way, but you have to walk trough thorns to reach your destiny (and the dhabas oily and junk food will make the thorns sharper 😦 ).

The app with all our efforts and hard-work was coming alive. The features were working fine but there were some flaws in it, some bugs that have to be removed, this “second last thing” led us to the end of our winter break. The college reopened and the classes were about to resume to its regular schedule but to our awesome luck, the classes could not resume due to some strike, this provided us some time to finish one of our funky dreams. After fixing the “second last” thing we resorted to our “last amendment” which was to make the looks a little better and frankly speaking this seemed to the toughest task of the AndroiD development.

Now here comes the best part where i will disclose the things that I gained from this small development project. Internet is comprised of AWESOMENESS and LIMITLESSNESS, you can do whatever you want. The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom. It seems really nice and comforting when you actually complete what you have started. And one last thing that I have learned is that you cant sustain for a long time on the foodstuff of The Dhabas whatsoever delicious cuisine they serve.


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